• We are able to reserve the tented area in the beer garden for parties up to 40.
• Although we have a large backyard area, we DO NOT have the indoor capacity for parties over 40 people that have reserved the outdoor tented area. If there is bad weather on the date of your party- please note we CANNOT accommodate your entire party inside and it will have to be rescheduled.
• We DO have an area inside that seats 20 people, which you can also reserve.
• We do not charge a fee to reserve any areas, however all drinks are full price (there are no party drink packages).
• We are not staffed to cater/ privately serve your party. Parties will still be asked to order at the bar.
• Please let us know if children under 21 will be attending your event!

     • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian AT ALL TIMES.

• We do not allow running, screaming or throwing things.
• We do not allow children’s parties in our establishment, sorry! We’re still primarily a bar.
• If you are paying for your guests on tab, please provide us with a credit card to hold at time of arrival.
• We suggest stamping guests hands or giving them something to indicate to our staff that they are part of your party.
• If you are decorating the space, please let us know ahead of time
• No glitter or confetti
• No tacks in walls
• If using tape, you must use WALL SAFE tape
• NO LATEX BALLOONS. We are dog friendly and we don’t want the pups getting sick on popped balloon pieces. Mylar/foil balloons are ok, but please make sure they are TIED down.
• No personal music/ speakers/ microphones allowed.
• No political events.
• We do not allow outside food or drinks, except for the following:
• Desserts
• Food for small children
• Water/ Gatorade

REMINDER! We are a business. We are not a public park. We try to cater to your needs but we cannot accommodate every request, as we have a very small staff.


• Chipotle Chicken Tacos with Slaw and Cilantro Lime Sour Cream on Corn Tortillas. $3 per taco. You can order up to 50 tacos per party.
• Large Tray of Nachos. $55. Feeds 12-15ppl.
• 50 Cheddar Pretzel Poppers. $35. Feeds 10-12 ppl.
• Large Spinach & Artichoke Dip platter. $35. Feeds 8-10 ppl.
• We will need the order at least one week prior to the event, with the food prepaid for.
• The decision to cancel or reschedule your party must be made 72 hours prior IF you have ordered food from us for the party. If you choose to cancel within the 72 hours before your party, you will be charged for the food items you have ordered.